3-6 players
You are a group of urban explorers, always looking for somewhere new to explore. Your friends have invited you to scout out a hotel that is scheduled for demolition within the week - the Hotel Haligonian. What treasures could remain inside?

Trekking through stormy weather, you finally make it to the old hotel. As you step inside the ruins and dry off, you test the lights - the electricity is still on! There must be some reason why they left it on, so you decide to take the elevator to the top to save some time. As the creaky construct climbs the shaft, a sudden bolt of lightning strikes the tower! The surge of power has scrambled the electronics, stopping the elevator and leaving you stuck inside...

Games are $27 per person (tax included)


What people are saying about
The Elevator

"Awesome escape rooms! We escaped from The Elevator  with only a few minutes to spare! The room was well thought out and there were no clues that seemed unfair. Staff was extremely friendly and happy to have us there. Will definitely return for another escape during the winter holidays."
"It was an amazingly good time! The Elevator challenge was difficult and we almost finished."

-Kirk H.

- Rachel D.

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