The Pirates’ Brig


You are the captain and crew on the good ship Saladin, carrying your normal cargo plus a large quantity of silver. While asleep in your cabin, the scoundrels on watch have mutinied, throwing you and your few loyal crew into the hold.  You overhear their plans – they are going to make you walk the plank at dawn, when it is light enough for them to watch the sharks finish you off!

As they slam the door behind you, you glimpse the skyline and estimate that it will be light in 60 minutes. Outside the hold turned brig, you can hear the pirates partying – no doubt, on your personal stash of rum.​​

Your task is to escape the brig and to get your ship back. To do that, you will need weapons to help overcome the mutineers. While rum is on your side, time is not, even though the pirate assigned to guard you has passed out…

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