Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building with a Twist

Onsite and Pop-Up Escape Room Packages

Looking for a unique and engaging way to strengthen your team’s bonds, enhance problem-solving skills, and foster collaboration? Look no further! Our corporate team-building experiences offer the perfect blend of adventure and camaraderie, with the option to choose between onsite escape rooms at our facility or a pop-up escape room brought to your location.

Tailored for Your Team

Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, our team-building packages are designed to suit your group's size, goals, and preferences.

Immersive Adventures

Our escape rooms transport your team to different worlds, challenging them with puzzles, riddles, and mysteries that demand teamwork and creative problem-solving.

Expert Facilitation

Our experienced facilitators ensure a smooth experience from start to finish, guiding your team, offering hints when needed, and ensuring everyone has a great time.


Choose between hosting your team-building event at our dedicated facility or have us bring the excitement to your office or preferred location.

How to Book Your Corporate Team Building Event

Contact Us by phone (902-422-2224) or by completing the form below to discuss your team’s objectives, preferred date, and location.