Distress Signal
Recommended 3 - 6 (Max 8) players. Ages 13+​
The sun was shinning and the waves were rolling. The day was so perfect you could almost hear the warm ocean breeze calling your names! Excited for adventure, you set out for a day of sailing during your dream vacation. Out of nowhere, the bright sky turns dark as the sun hides behind the clouds and what were once perfect sailing conditions have turned dangerous in a matter of minutes. The storm rolling in has blown your vessel into the reef and she’s sprung a leak.. a big leak.

In search of help, you’ve spent hours of wandering the thick jungle paths until you see a clearing in the distance. You’ve found the crash landing site of Flight 396 ! The airplane was carrying two explorers in search of a missing civilisation and the treasures within. With so much damage, there no way that plane will fly, but it might be able to get you home another way. 
Difficulty    -Great for beginners and families!
Among the Stars
4-10 players. Ages 13+​
  As members of the press, you’re thrilled to be invited to the exclusive unveiling of a scientific breakthrough. With so much attention, this discovery must be major! Dr. Estella is professor, researcher, and most importantly, an astronomer. After years of trying, she was rejected from the space program and her dreams of flying among the stars were crushed.

She has invited you here to witness the accumulation of her life’s work. This story is going to be your big break and you need this. Your team hurries to her office to be the first to break the news. Let’s just hope everything goes as planned! 

The Wine Cellar
4-8 players. Ages 13+​
Nova Scotia's finest wine tour ends in the most magnificent of castles. Built in the 1800s, it has a long standing history of housing great casks of red, along with a few haunted friends. One of its most notable events was the unfortunate death of grounds keeper Fergus while he was tending to a section of the vineyard. Still angry, he haunts the castle at night and spends most of his time lurking in the wine cellar.

This castle is the final stop on your tour. As you make you way through the it's winding halls, you and a few friends wander off from the group in search of the infamous cellar. Upon entering its doors, you realize Fergus has set traps to avenge his death and you have fallen victim!

The tour bus leaves in an hour and unless you escape on time, you'll be an unwanted guest in this castle of vengeance!

3-6 players. Ages 13+​
 As an urban explorer you're always looking for somewhere new to delve into.  Your friends invite you to scout out a hotel that is scheduled for demolition within the week. Recognizing that time is running short, you take your chance to find what treasures still remain in the abandoned Hotel Haligonian. 

Trekking through stormy weather, you finally make it to the old hotel. Your group enters the ruins and with a stroke of luck, the electricity in the building still functions. There must be some reason why they kept the power on… You take the elevator to the top to save some time. As the creaky construct climbs the shaft, lightning strikes the tower! The surge of power has scrambled the electronics, stopping the elevator and leaving you stuck inside.
6-15 players. (Recommended for larger groups) Ages 13+​
It's 1943 in Halifax and you are a local police detective, frustrated that you can't go overseas to help with the war effort as you've been deemed an essential service here at home.  Instead of being a hero on foreign soil, you've been spending your time breaking up bar brawls between soldiers, sailors, and merchant mariners.  

Last night's round of fisticuffs was different; it resulted in the unfortunate death of a civilian.  You've been tasked with investigating the victim's apartment but as you step through the door, you realize he was no average Haligonian. His secrets and tricks have left you locked in the apartment with only one way out.. to escape! 
2-8 players. (Recommended minimum 4) Ages 13+​
Recently rumours are circulating about a major new discovery at Citadel Hill.  The staff have been sworn to secrecy but curiosity is getting the best of you and your friends.
Sleuth-like you mingle with the crowd and, as they prepare to fire the noon day gun, the crowd and staff move closer to see the event.  This is your opportunity! You and your friends move beyond the caution tape and slip through the door. 
As the noon gun fires, the door slams behind you!

4-8 players. Ages 13+​
You are the captain and crew on the good ship Saladin carrying your normal cargo plus a large quantity of silver bars and coins. While asleep in your cabin, the scoundrels on watch and the passengers have mutinied, siezing you and your loyal crew, throwing you in the hold. You overhear their plans to join Ned Low, the nastiest pirate plying Nova Scotia's waters.

They are going to make you walk the plank at dawn, when it is light enough for them to watch the sharks finish you off! As they slam the door behind you, you glimpse the skyline and with you keen mariner's eye, estimate that it will be light in 60 minutes. Outside the hold turned brig, you can hear the pirates partying-- no doubt, on your personal stash of rum.

Captain, your task is to escape the brig and to get your ship back. To do that, you will need weapons to help overcome the mutineers. While rum is on your side, time is not, even though the pirate assigned to guard you has passed out... Good luck!
All roooms are $27 per player, including HST. All games are private experiences, meaning you are never mixed with others.
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