6-15 players
It's 1943 in Halifax, and World War II is in full swing. You are a group of local police detectives, frustrated that you can't go overseas to help with the war effort, as you've been deemed an essential service here at home.  Instead of being a hero on foreign soil like your friends, you've been spending your time breaking up bar brawls between soldiers, sailors, and merchant mariners.  

Last night's round of fisticuffs was different, however; it resulted in the unfortunate death of a civilian.  You've been tasked with investigating the victim's apartment - but as you step through the door, you realize he was no average Haligonian. His secrets and tricks have left you locked in the apartment with only one way out: to discover the secret he was hiding, and escape! 

"Love the puzzles, which were challenging. We've been twice and would definitely go again! They are friendly and helpful, and so encouraging. Love it."

- Lynnette

What people are saying about
The 1943 Halifax

"Came in for a corporate event for team building. We had a blast, the team was friendly and helpful and got right into character! A great place for an event. So much fun, providing both a challenge and entertainment to create a memorable experience."

- Stacey L.

The adventures continue...