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Opening Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The sun was shining and the waves were rolling. The day was so perfect you could almost hear the warm ocean breeze calling your names! Excited for adventure, you set out for a day of sailing during your dream vacation. Out of nowhere, the bright sky turns dark as the sun hides behind the clouds and what were once perfect sailing conditions have turned dangerous in a matter of minutes. The storm rolling in has blown your vessel into the reef and she’s sprung a leak.. a big leak.

In search of help, you’ve spent hours of wandering the thick jungle paths until you see a clearing in the distance. You’ve found the crash landing site of Flight 396 ! The airplane was carrying two explorers in search of a missing civilization and the treasures within. With so much damage, there no way that plane will fly, but it might be able to get you home another way. 


Captured is Halifax’s largest escape room business! We are family owned and operated and currently have 7 different rooms to choose from, each designed to be as challenging as they are fun. The rooms last one hour and will test your ability to think critically, to observe closely and to work together as a team.
Teamwork comes in handy in an escape room and therefore it makes them the perfect choice for team building exercises, whether you are a corporation, a small team or a community group.

Captured is committed to making your experience as fun and safe as possible. Our staff work hard to make your experience the best possible; they are the best! We are happy to answer any questions you may have, feel free to ask!

At Captured Escape Rooms, there are puzzles to solve, challenges to meet and clues to discover.

Life is short...enjoy the game!

Joe, Michelle and Kelsey  

Wondering What All the Fuss is About?
Watch this video to learn all about escape rooms!

Share the fun with your friends and family-great for any occassion!
Gift certificates available   here!


Captured proudly supports The Salvation Army - Feed the Need program by allowing players to acquire a third clue for a $5 donation. These funds help to feed community members in need.


​$ 15,562.41



Click here to purchase gift certifcates redeemable online or in-store by using your name on file.

Come play on your birthday (+/- 3 days) with a group of 4 or more and receive a coupon for a future FREE play valid for 60 days.  Please bring proof of birthdate (government identification).

Students now receive a 10% discount on bookings made over the phone or in person. Must present valid student or National Defence ID on arrival.


July 4, 2017
Today was the last day with The Reculsive Beekeeper! We are sad to see this room go but more excited about what is to come. This room went out in style as it was beat by it's last participants, "The Last Beekeepers" with a time of 42:54.

May 9, 2017
We have some every exciting news!!! In July, we will be retiring two of our rooms, Old Pappy's Workshop, and the Reclusive Beekeeper, in order to make way for our newest room! We hope you're as excited as we are! More details coming soon! 

December 4, 2016​​
Today we welcomed the morning crew from Hot Country 103.5, Ian and Dana, and some luck winners to play 1943!
Keep listening for your chance to win next time!

November 28, 2016
We will be open for New Years Eve! Celebrate the new year with your friends and family in one of our new rooms!

November 18, 2016
Our new location is now open! This includes 4 new rooms: Groove Room Disco, The Wine Cellar, The Reclusive Beekeeper, and Old Pappy's Workshop. Still available and revised are: The Pirates' Brig, Citadel Hill, 1943 Halifax and of course The Elevator.